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Shoot Eat Learn

Food Photography Workshops

Have you been taking photos of your food creations and they're just not looking like the cover of the latest Martha Stewart magazine? Come shoot, eat and learn with food photographer Kyle Dreier as you discover some of the secrets behind making your food photographs look delicious. These workshops are designed for anyone and everyone who shares a combined love of food and photography.

Join Kyle Dreier as he leads you through these various workshops:

  • Delicious Lighting: how to use daylight, hot lights and strobes.
  • My Stupid Camera™: take control of your camera and make it behave.
  • Play with Your Food: styling your food photos - from props to food tricks.
  • That Looks Good: making your images more appetizing with post processing.
  • That’s My Style: developing your personal look and style.
  • Make or Break: building a business with your photography.

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